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“Bullying in schools is an issue and it is spinning out of control,” reports ABC News. According to the U.S. Department of Education, it is an epidemic that causes 160,000 children a day to stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied. Although social media has its benefits, when it comes to bullying, it isn’t pretty. Cyber bullying statistics show that 95% of social media-using teens who have witnessed cruel behavior on social networking sites say they have seen others ignoring the mean behavior; 55% witness this frequently. We do not want to hear or see someone bullied on Facebook and we do not want Twitter to become the voice for bullying incidents or to grow followers.

The Book Bank Foundation states:

·         Every 7 minutes a child is bullied; 85% of the time, there is no intervention of any kind

·         Each day, 160,000 students miss school due to bullying

·         Bullying is a leading factor in suicide among kids 11-16 years old

·         By age 24, 60% of bullies have been charged with a crime

·         34% of all children report being bullied regularly at least several times a year

·         86% of children aged 12-15 report at least some form of bullying has interfered with their studies moderately or severely

·         43% of middle school children avoid the bathroom and locker rooms at all costs due to certainty of being bullied

·         1 of every 4 children is more than occasionally cyber-bullied

·         More 25 million families are currently traumatized by bullying in the U.S. today

·         When polled, 98% of students indicated that they want teachers to intervene

·         According to a Harvard School of Health Study, male bullies are nearly four times as likely as non-bullies to grow up to physically or sexually abuse their female partners

·         In schools where there are anti-bullying programs, bullying is reduced by 50%

·         Bullying was a factor in 2/3 of the 37 school shootings reviewed by the US Secret Service

·         Recent bullying studies have found that schools that had a more intense bullying atmosphere, passing rates on standardized tests in such subjects as algebra, earth science and world history were 3 to 6% lower

The time has come to raise awareness in our own back yard and the message is, “bullying isn’t cool,” states Aztec School District, Superintendent Kirk Carpenter. “The issue is much bigger than that. There must be a change in culture!”

Bullying isn’t an issue just for parents and the school children it affects. It is also not just a school problem. Bullying is a community problem and it will take everyone to be “all in” to make that difference: community organizations, businesses, city government, schools, healthcare, and many more partners, as well as decision-makers and influencers to take a stand. As the saying goes, “it takes a village,” but we need your help. This initiative should be a grassroots effort, one that will help tackle bullying and ultimately help our youth maintain a positive image and greater self-esteem. But families need help as well with access to resources to get answers for the questions they seek. 

Bully is an education process and not a quick fix, but are we asking the right questions to address bullying? Who is helping that child? What is causing the bullying? What training can be offered to the parents to help their children with bullying issues? What of the teachers and counselors and additional training for them to address bullying in the schools? Do we create and implement a plan for behavior or one of discipline? What of the parents? We do not throw out the baby with the bath water, so who is helping the parents?

Superintendent Carpenter reports, “We must equip the child and the bystanders with answers, training and solutions. We must create the culture where it is not cool to bully.” Congratulations Superintendent Carpenter, Aztec schools, its teachers, and those families that have attended the past two meetings on bullying to learn how they can step forward to draw attention to this issue and eradicate the problem.

The Aztec Chamber of Commerce is joining the City of Aztec, Superintendent Carpenter, Aztec Schools, and students help to make a difference. Superintendent Carpenter, we want you to know that the Aztec Chamber of Commerce is all in! As part of the community, we are committed to helping you, our future workforce, teachers and parents and families to seek a solution. 

Are you all in? What are you doing to make that difference? Has your family been affected by bullying? What of your employees and their children? If you would like to be a part of the solution, and if you are a business wanting to become involved, call the Aztec Chamber of Commerce at (505) 334-7646. 

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Written by Vangie Garza Neil


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